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About the World Investment Report

The World Investment Report (WIR) provides leading-edge research and policy analysis on investment for development. The Report includes comprehensive data on investment and multinational enterprise activity, an assessment of global investment trends and policy developments, as well as a thematic section on key and emerging investment-for-development issues.

The Report is recognized as an authoritative reference source for investment-development stakeholders, including policy makers, business leaders, practitioners, academia and civil society policy advocates. Its in-depth research and policy analysis follows a multi-disciplinary approach, tapping into international economics, international business, international law and development economics. The Report’s key policy recommendations and guidelines contribute to mainstream investment policy making at the national and international level.

The dissemination of the Report is integrated into the technical assistance and capacity-building programmes to ensure that policy research and recommendations are effectively taken up by governments and the investment community at large. The Division’s technical assistance is delivered to more than 160 countries.

About UNCTAD’s Division on Investment and Enterprise

The Division on Investment and Enterprise is a global centre of excellence, dealing with issues related to investment and enterprise development in the United Nations System.

The Division is recognized as a global centre of excellence on issues related to investment and enterprise for sustainable development. Built on four decades of successful experience, its staff provide international expertise in research and policy analysis, inter-governmental consensus-building, and technical assistance to over 160 countries. Its flagship product is the annual World Investment Report and its main global stakeholder event is the biennial World Investment Forum. The Division also maintains the interactive World Investment Network of over 19,000 members to disseminate and promote all its work on investment and enterprise.

zhanJames Zhan,
Editor-in-Chief, World Investment Report